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Pampering Your Pooch

Pampering Your Pooch

Your unabashed guide to unparalleled canine luxury

Doesn't your dog deserve the best of everything? Each chapter of this unique book focuses on a different way to pamper your pooch and includes detailed information about specific products and services and where to find them (complete with web sites). You'll discover exquisite items from specialty boutiques and designers such as Coach, Gucci, and Tiffany & Co. You'll learn about:
* Healthy gourmet fare for the canine connoisseur
* The latest fashion trends and styles
* Grooming, massages, and Reiki treatments
* First-class canine getaways and travel

From couture to coiffure, plush beds to bejeweled accessories, entertaining toys to health insurance, this is your guide to treating your dog to the good life.

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