Picture of Veterinary Immunology: An Introduction (8th Ed)

Veterinary Immunology: An Introduction (8th Ed)

Veterinary Immunology: An Introduction (8th Ed)

Since 1977, this outstanding book has been the immunology reference of choice for both veterinary students and practitioners. It’s the only complete resource on the subject, featuring a straightforward presentation of basic immunologic principles with comprehensive information on the most significant immunological diseases and responses seen in domestic animals. This meticulously updated new edition explores the latest advances in the field and provides a wealth of clinical examples that illustrate and clarify important concepts.


This outstanding book is concise, easy to read and well organised. The purpose of the book remains, as for the past 30 years, to provide a concise overview of fundamental immunological concepts related to veterinary medicine. The publisher offers free online resources, which contain monthly content updates. This outstanding book can be considered as the immunology reference of choice not only for veterinary students, but also for postgraduates and researchers. The depth of coverage, concise content and narrative style make it a valuable resource to be recommended without reservation.

The Veterinary Record, January 2009

Key Features

  • Clearly explains the general principles of immunology and applied immunology.

  • Includes information on the most significant immunological diseases and immunological responses seen in domestic animals.

  • Presents coverage of domestic mammal species in phylogenetic order: horse-cattle-sheep-pig-dog-cat-mouse-human.

  • Provides clinical examples that demonstrate key immunologic principles.

  • Offers expanded and updated references for all key sources in the literature.

New to this Edition

  • Features a new appendix that provides at-a-glance access to a comprehensive list of cytokines.

  • Offers expanded coverage of complement and its critical importance to innate immunity.

  • Discusses the latest information on the receptors of NK cells.

  • Provides additional content on antibacterial peptides and their importance in inflammation and innate immunity.

  • Includes coverage of newly identified cytokines, CD molecules, and IgA receptors.

  • Examines new data on the functions of T cells, the effects of nematodes on eosinophils, and the latest DNA vaccines against West Nile virus and canine melanoma.

  • Offers complete information on emerging diseases such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome, hemophagocytic syndrome, and autoimmune sarcolemmal disease in dogs, as well as common variable immunodeficiencies and immune mediated polysynovitis in horses.


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