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Textbook of Rabbit Medicine

Textbook of Rabbit Medicine

Although a lot has been written on the rabbit, much is anecdotal and aimed at the pet owner rather than the veterinarian. Textbook of Rabbit Medicine however, has been specifically written for the veterinary practitioner, using evidence-based material andproviding a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting pet rabbits. Basic husbandry, behaviour and nutrition are explained within the concept of health and disease. Essential information on biology and physiology is also provided. Unique illustrations based on original dissections offer an additional insight into this complex animal.

Frances Harcourt-Brown is a veterinary surgeon with a specific interest in rabbits. She is widely recognised as an expert and has been acclaimed for her research - receiving several awards, including the BSAVAs Melton award for meritorious contribution to small animal practicefor her work on dental disease in pet rabbits. Textbook of Rabbit Medicine says all there is to say about the pet rabbit: it is an essential purchase for every veterinary practitioner.

With illustrations by Nigel Harcourt-Brown


"Aware of my gaps as far as lagomorphs are concerned, I read books written for rabbit owners, attended lectures and CPD, and bought the BSAVA manual. All this gave me a little confidence, but now, after seeing the Textbook of Rabbit Medicine, I really believe I can offer rabbits (and their owners) the high standard of treatment they require when they come to see me as a veterinarian.

An extremely interesting and authoritative publication which is a must for the practice bookshelf" Fabienne Dethioux, Veterinary Times, November 2002
book is a fascinating read that provides a wealth of information regarding veterinary medicine and science as it relates to rabbits. Whether you have no prior knowledge of bunnies, or are well versed in all things 'rabbity', this text would be a valuable addition to your bookshelf, or the practice library.

The publication of this book is obviously the culmination of many years of hard work and thorough investigation on the part of an author with a wealth of practical experience and first-hand knowledge. It is both an enjoyable read and a very valuable resource, gining comprehensive coverage of current knowledge in the veterinary care of domestic rabbits." Hannah O, Veterinary Nursing Times, February 2003
cannot remember ever reading a veterinary textbook from cover to cover upon receiving it. However, this is exactly what I did with Frances Harcourt-Brown's Textbook of Rabbit Medicine.

Harcourt-Brown incorporates her own clinical expertise with the best available clinical evidence and research in her book, making it the best example in exotic pet or laboratory animal medicine of how to practice evidence-based medicine...The freshness of this information and its integration into plausible clinical explanations are why I found her book so enjoyable to read.

The chapter on dental disease as expected, is extensive and illustrated with numerous original drawings and detailed radiographs-this chapter alone makes this book worth its price.

Textbook of Rabbit Medicine is an outstanding book, a valuable reference, and an indispensible textbook for any veterinarian who works with rabbits.

" Thomas M. Donnelly, Lab Animal, October 2003

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