Picture of Respiratory Diseases in Dogs and Cats

Respiratory Diseases in Dogs and Cats

Respiratory Diseases in Dogs and Cats

Respiratory diseases are common and often challenging problems in dogs and cats. Animals with respiratory disease tend to have chronic, recurrent problems that are difficult to manage and do not respond easily to therapy. Alternatively, they may have acute, life threatening problems, with difficulty breathing and a high risk of death. Either type of patient can be very stressful to the veterinarian to manage! This textbook offers state-of-the-art advice about management of dyspneic patients, and patients with chronic recurrent disease.

The chapters are all written by recognized experts in each specific subject area. The first parts of the book are organized to facilitate rapid use by presenting a problem-based approach to respiratory tract disease, and describing techniques for diagnostic testing and general support of patients with respiratory tract disease. The last section of the book provides an in-depth description of specific respiratory disorders, including their pathophysiology, diagnostics, expected clinical course and management.

Key Features

  • The author is a recognized expert in respiratory medicine in small animals, joined by 60 of the top people in this field.

  • Respiratory tract diagnostics is thoroughly covered, with descriptions of pathophysiology and state-of-the-art tools for diagnosis and management of respiratory tract disorders.

  • A general discussion of the approach to problems in the field includes upper airway obstruction, panting, acute and chronic cough, nasal discharge, sneezing, and cyanosis in cats and dogs.

  • Pulmonary function testing is discussed, including blood gas analysis, carbon dioxide monitoring, and pulse oximetry.

  • Non-specific management of respiratory disease is covered, with information on pharmacology and fluid therapy.

  • The final and largest section of the text details the specific disorders of the respiratory tract with a summary of diagnosis and treatment.


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