Picture of Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents: Clinical Medicine & Surgery (2nd Ed)

Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents: Clinical Medicine & Surgery (2nd Ed)

Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents: Clinical Medicine & Surgery (2nd Ed)

Addresses the common questions and concerns of the practicing veterinarian who works with small mammals. Serves as a useful reference for veterinary students, technicians, research scientists, pet shop owners, pet owners, and breeders. Because preventive medicine is crucial to small mammal medicine, coverage includes basic biology, husbandry, and routine care of the healthy animal. Also features chapters on disease management, surgery, and radiology.


"This book has a broad overview of clinical medicine and surgical information on ferrets and rabbits and some small mammal species that are hard to find in one place. The book is easy to read and has complete and current references. This textbook is an important reference text for those veterinarians and others who work with these species of animals."
-Veterinary Pathology 42:2, 2005

"The second edition of this book carries on the tradition of the first with the addition of Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, and Prairie Dogs. This book contains the work of 43 specialists covering a wide range of disciplines and from foreign countries (as well as the United States). I commend the authors and editors for the quality of the text, no matter what subject you are reading you can tell by the style and tone that the author has really done his homework, ideas are not left hanging without documentation to back the author up. Each chapter provides an excellent summary of published research. The value of this book extends beyond just veterinary hospital; anyone with an interest in these animals will find value within these pages. This book comes highly recommended for any AZA institution dealing with these species."
-Library News, 2005

Key Features

  • A section of the zoonotic disease chapter covers the monkey-pox outbreak in the Midwest section of the United States in May 2003. A rare zoonotic viral disease this was the first report of this in the United States and it has never been reported outside of Africa

  • Logically organized in sections by different animals with subsequent chapters organized by body system for quick and easy access to information

  • A Drug Formulary provides a comprehensive introduction to drug therapy

  • Comprehensive appendices offer quick-reference to diagnosis tables, supply sources, and other practical information

  • Features a wealth of photographs and line drawings that demonstrate radiographic interpretation and the main points of diagnostic, surgical, and therapeutic techniques

  • Includes a chapter on ophthalmology, an area of study hard to find for ferrets, rabbits, rodents, and other small mammals

  • Coverage of specific soft tissue surgery and general orthopedic procedures

New to this Edition

  • 7 new chapters covering: cardiovascular diseases of rabbits; diseases of prairie dogs; diseases of hedgehogs; diseases of sugar gliders; a combined chapter on hematology and clinical pathology; dentistry; and zoonotic disease

  • A new full-color insert with 24 color plates on hematology and clinical pathology

  • The latest information on Monkey-pox, a rare zoonotic viral disease outbreak that occurred in the Midwest region of the United States in May 2003


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