Picture of Equine Dentistry (2nd Ed)

Equine Dentistry (2nd Ed)

Equine Dentistry (2nd Ed)

Comprehensive and definitive text on equine dentistry divided into 4 sections:
1: Morphology
2: Dental Disease and Pathology
3: Diagnosis of Dental Disorders
4: Equine Dental Techniques


Graham Duncanson, The Veterinary Record, February 2005
"There is a large amount of information readily available in this book that will be very useful to the experienced practitioner and equally, with chapters such as the one on equine dental equipment, useful to those starting out and will save hours of planning and prior reading. This is a well balanced book, which is totally up to date. A must for all practitioners carrying out equine work."

"Surely must be the definitive reference book for all practitioners carrying out equine dentistry... Practices would be well advised to buy this book for their new graduates..." Vetinary Times Vol 36 No 7

Key Features

  • Complete and comprehensive coverage

  • Fully referenced

  • Extensively illustrated with integrated color pictures, black and white photographs and line drawings

  • International team of contributors

New to this Edition

  • Features a new historical introduction to equine veterinary dentistry

  • Includes new and expanded coverage of the following topics: Complications in oral surgery; Dental disease of miniature horses; Teeth evolution; Geriatrics; Bits and biting; Horse headwear; and Dental equipment


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