Colour Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of Cattle (2nd Ed)

Colour Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of Cattle (2nd Ed)

The second edition of the Color Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of Cattle again illustrates all the conditions encountered in cattle worldwide. This new edition has been extensively revised and expanded to have more (now 752) illustrations, primarily of live animals.

The revised text now includes sections on management and control for the important disorders. Newer conditions such as necrotic enteritis, toe ulcers, heel ulcers and tail necrosis have been added. The illustrations themselves have been reviewed. Many have been replaced, while others have been added, so that Foot and Mouth Disease has six and Rinderpest seven colour illustrations. Cross-references to other conditions, a major aid to differential diagnosis in the field, have been strengthened.

Over 70 foreign contributors from the Far East (Japan, China) to South America (Brazil,
Argentina), Africa (South Africa, Kenya, Somalia) and the United States (Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri) have been joined by a further thirty from the UK. The emphasis of the atlas remains the visible signs of diseases and disorders in the live animal, and this gives the book a unique scope. This new edition will re-establish the firm place which the atlas already has in the veterinary market for cattle practitioners, government and industry veterinarians, as well as veterinary and agricultural students, and managers of large-scale cattle enterprises throughout the world.


"I believe this excellent book is essential to all involved in cattle work. It would be difficult to improve it by a third edition; however, if there were to be one, I would like to order my copy now!" Steve Borsberry, The Veterinary Record, July 2003
is a very comprehensive reference book, listing the clinical features of over 370 diseases and disorders found worldwide, illustrated with over 750 illustrations and photos....

This book would have a place in any practice library. In particular, veterinary schools, agricultural colleges and new graduates will find it useful as it gives the reader a chance to 'experience' conditions less frequently seen in practice." Andrew Biggs, The Vale Veterinary Group, Tiverton, Veterinary Review, July 2003
is an international publication, covering global cattle disorders and helping veterinarians and livestock producers to visually relate to disorders of their cattle. The major emphasis is on clear and diagnostically useful color illustrations-and they are clear and illustrative of the conditions being presented!

Veterinary toxicologists and clinicians particularly interested in chemically-induced cattle diseases will find excellent illustrations of cattle poisonings...

This is a very useful collection of visible signs of diseases and disorders from over 100 contributors throughout the world. It serves an important role in 'showing' veterinary students, cattle practitioners, and agricultural professionals the many-faceted effects and often unique lesions produced by infectious and noninfectious agents detrimental to cattle health and large-scale global cattle enterprises."Veterinary Human Toxicology, October 2003

Key Features

  • Extensively illustrated with 752 mostly color illustrations.

  • Consistently presents etiology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment, and possible complications.

  • Covers the broad spectrum of diseases and disorders commonly associated with cattle.

New to this Edition

  • Treatment plans have been added to make this a must for the clinical setting.

  • Almost 100 more color illustrations have been added.

  • A major revision of the lameness chapter features recently reported conditions causing lameness not previously included.


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